FFAV Young Leader Projects

Always creating great opportunities for young generations to learn, practice, and show their leadership  skills, FFAV, has been holding many training courses in leadership development. In 2018, FFAV’s young leaders had the chance to execute their own projects with the purpose of bringing worthy activities to the community. The three projects “Save Our Kids” at SOS village, “Traffic Safety” at Xuan Phu Social Center and “Protect the Environment” at Phu Mau town, Phu Vang district were successfully held on the 9th of September.


 “Save Our Kids” was a festival highlighting the prevention of sexual assault, abuse and harassment for 80 young girls from SOS village, Duy Tan primary school, and Nguyen Hoang resettlement area. This was a festival among girls; hence, although this was the first time these young girls approached this touchy subject they were all actively contributing through all the activities. The girls are from the disadvantaged group saw the event as necessary for them to learn how to protect themselves in today’s society. Other than the FFAV young leaders, the event was also facilitated by peers leader from the project HIPE.


The project’s leader was Uyen, an active and prominent member of the FFAV young leader group. She shared: “Not only did the young girls who participated in the event today can enjoy the happiness but that joy was also shared by anyone who spent their effort to make today happen. I was thrilled to find the peer leaders who truly wanted to join this project with me. And today, they really stepped out of the reserved shell of themselves to become more mature person and share what they learned with others. It took us 4 months to prepare well for this.” She also said that what she knew was very limited and theoretical and that this experience widened her mind by working through this project.


The number of benefiters of the 3 projects  were nearly 200 which may not be many but it is sufficient to say that this was their very first step for further development in the future.