FFAV players participating in the Training Course for Referees in National Women Football Tournament 2018

Growing up with grassroots football and FFAV activities, Thanh and Le are making great efforts on their way to pursue professional football career. The two FFAV players recently have had a chance to participate in the Training Course for Referees in National Women Football Tournament in Hanoi from 18th to 20th March 2018. Participating in the training is a turning point in their career. If they perform well at the training course, they will have good chances to develop the career as being referees in Youth Football Tournament and eventually the National Football Tournament.

Thanh started playing football from very young age, since she was in grade 3. And for almost 7 years playing and just having fun with her friends on the non-competitive playground, FFAV grassroots football ignited in her the real passion for this sport. Thanh shared: “I still remember Mr. Nghia was the first teacher to train me football in Huong Xuan 1 Primary school. FFAV is a wonderful part of my life where I could have a healthy and interesting playground to play, to learn more skills in life and make more good friends from the pitch. However, what I love most is receiving the love from the beloved teachers namely Mr. Thinh, Ms. Dao, Mr. Tuyen, etc and from big brothers and sisters in FFAV as well as TW3 Referee Group in Danang.” She is now taking the path of professional football by studying in Danang Physical University. Although working and learning under a lot of pressure physically and mentally, Thanh has been trying her best to meet the expectations of people who always have trusts and beliefs in her.


Thanh in her referee uniform

Unlike Thanh, although Le has a great passion for football since she was a little girl, Le’s school did not have a FFAV club back then for her to join. In 2014, together with her friends who participated in FFAV and Norway Cup, she founded Live on Passion Women FC for the sake of playing and practicing football of their own interests. The club was totally open for anyone who wants to join. Live on Passion FC later received supports from FFAV and Hue Football Federation. Le shared:”It was my love for football and the happy time playing grassroots football with my friends that inspires me to follow the professional football career. Having the chance to participate in the the Training Course for Referees in National Women Football Tournament 2018 is a milestone in my future job and passion.”


Le (the third from the right in black uniform) with Live on Passion FC

Le and Thanh has successfully finished the training course after 3 days of hard work. We hope that they will keep up the confidence and passion to achieve their dreams and that there will be more opportunities open for them so that they can be the ones who bring pride to Vietnam Women Football.

Le Thi Hue