FFAV delegation preparing for the Football for Hope Festival

Only 2 months remain before the departure of FFAV’s delegation to the Football for Hope festival (from June 25th to July 7th), an official event of FIFA World Cup 2018. During the past 3 months FFAV and  members of the delegation have focused on making and implementing the best preparation plan for developing their physical and mental health.

To help the members depart with the most comfortable and confident spirit and to be thoughtful and considerate, we finalized a preparation process that combines the development of physical health, knowledge, skills and emotional issues. Not only do they practice at football sessions, they will also participate in English lessons, in classes about cultures and manners when they are at an international event. The members will have to prepare a special musical performance to present at the Culture Night at the Football for Hope festival as well.


One of the special features of the festival this year is that the delegations will play with a different rules format: football3. It is a method of playing football with that focuses on fair play, equality and teamwork. The method is purposeful in empowering young people with the skills they need to flourish off the pitch. Football3 has three halves, a pre match discussion, then the football game, and a post-match discussion. There is also  no referee where the teams manager the match themselves. Instead, they have a mediator who will come and help mediate the problems if both teams cannot come to an agreement. Members from four different delegations will join and form a team with 4 girls and 4 boys. Due to the differences about cultures and languages, FFAV delegation members need to practice in advance to get used to the rules and to establish the flexibility in adaptation skills under any circumstances they may face with.


Supporting them in this important journey is the help from companies and organizations all over the country such as Dong Luc Group, For Vietnamese Stature Foundation, IMG Hue Investment Joint Stock Company, Royal Paint and Xuan Phu Social Center. They have helped by providing the delegation with the best learning and training conditions. That delegation’s participation  in the festival this year is not only the joy of their own, their families, and social centers but also of FFAV and football friends in Vietnam. Therefore, preparing them to be confident in their knowledge, their skills and perform excellently at the event as Vietnamese young agents of change and development through football is very important.


FFAV will organize a press conference and departure ceremony on June 19th. More detailed information will be provided at the event. In the meantime, please continue to support their training for their participation in the Football for Hope Festival!

Le Thi Hue