FFAV and Hue Department of Education and Training launched a meeting about introducing Goal program to Primary schools in Hue province

For the purpose of completely introducing Goal program to all primary schools in the 2018-2019 school year, FFAV and Hue Department of Education and Training successfully hold a meeting with the participants from 18 schools and football clubs in the morning of April 17, 2018 at the Art Center, Hue city.

The meeting started with a speech of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, the Director of the project, about FFAV’s path in the hand-over process period as well as the project vision of schools being able to maintain and develop Goal’s activities even when the financial supports from FFAV stops.  He also encouraged schools who have not yet established a football club to join FFAV’s family if the schools’ facilities are sufficient for it will contribute a good deal to schools’ extra curricular activities and FFAV promised to be as supportive as possible. He, on behalf of FFAV, sent the deepest gratitude for the great cooperation with DoET recently.


Ms. Phan Thi Thu Huong, Head of Program Department instructed the school representatives on the process of establishing a Goal club and on how to run the club effectively in the beginning. To help them have a clear and realistic view, the members of Goal core team shared their experiences, challenges they had to tackle when introducing Goal club at their schools as well as gave some advices and suggested solutions with the help of FFAV/DoET. The participants were really passionate and contributive in the meeting. Not only female teachers who will be in charge directly of the Goal regular sessions and Goal event but the male teachers also showed their great support by voicing many promising and creative ideas in the discussion session


Many FFAV staffs also joined the meeting to share various areas of operating the Goal club from how to draw community volunteers, especially parents, into school’s activities, introducing Friendship club program to the financial process when the clubs receive FFAV’s fund.


At the end of the meeting, each school receive a basic equipment kit including balls, bibs and cones to organize Goal activities at their schools. Hopefully this useful program will expand more in the future, create a wide network of Goal clubs and help young girls believe in themselves to follow their dreams till the end.

Le Thi Hue