Equality and Confidence

FFAV Fun Football Festival created an equal playground to help the disadvantaged children from social centers and the resettlement areas enhance their abilities and confidence.

Be yourself

On 12th August, the Fun Football Festival for over 430 disadvantaged children coming from 9 social centers, 8 resettlement areas in Thua Thien Hue province took place Center of Sports Competitions, 01 Ha Huy Tap, Hue City. On this occasion, the children played football and had fun with the life skill activities.

All football activities took place in 10 football pitches. FFAV’s activities did not lay emphasis on the competitiveness as what is highlighted in our slogan “count smiles, not goals”. Therefore, at the end of the day, there was no first prize, second or third prize because the children themselves were the true winners. There were 10 players in a team, 5 played the first half and the rest played the second one. All the football teams played with the same number of players to create a fair and non-competitive playground in which children had fun with friends.


In addition, 5 life-skill tents were set up for the children. At the fundraising tent, many beautiful handmade products were sold by An Tay Club, Hope Center Club and Hai Dang Club to raise funds for children’s activities. FFAV Got Talent tent brought the lively stage where children freely sang, danced, drew or showed their talent with football skills.


Besides, traditional games reminded them of their childhood memories. Meanwhile, at the football skills tent, they could practice and develop football skills.


Especially, Goal was the program for girls only. FFAV has been focusing on girls’ empowerement. Goal program equips adolescent girl with confidence, knowledge and necessary skills through sports and lifeskills education to help them to be able to overcome difficulties in life. Goal’s activities require the great interaction among the facilitators and the children, which assists the children to comfortably express and share their thoughts, opinions about protection. This was a highlight out of 5 lifeskill tents.
Life skill tents were set at quiet places in order to encourage students to speak louder, freer and more confident.


More useful playgrounds

After a long tiring yet joyful day participating in many interesting activities, we counted there were more smiles at the end of the Fun Football Festival. Stepping out of the Goal tent, Ton Nu Nhu Cuc, a student from An Tay Social Center excitedly shared:” I used to be told about how to save my money, how to manage my time and girls’ age of puberty. However, at Goal tent, I was given thoughful recommendations, shared opinions with others and gained necessary knowledge as my accompany in life.”
At another tent, 12-year-old blind birth boy Tran Van Manh Quy from Huong Long Vocational Center for Blind Children was singing confidently “Hue thuong” song and surrounded by the cheering claps and praises from others. His voice was full of innocence and strength coming from a beautiful and kind heart. “Coming to this Fun Football Festival, I want to show other people that I can sing, and I want to use my voice to bring happiness to people. I hope there will be more of this coming in the future.” Manh Quy said.


Fun Football Festival for disadvantaged children was sponsored by UEFA Children’s Foundation and Football for Hope. This is a solid proof that the importance, effects and meanings of this activity had a widespread impact and received the acknowledgement from international organizations.


“Annually, we organize a wide variety of activities. Apart from events at provincial level, many activities are hold in districts, social centers, resttlement areas in the province, which is a sustainable foundation for skills development and safe playground for children.
Through the Fun Football Festival for the disadvantaged children today, we hope there will be more social supports involved in organizing annual activities for the children.” Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, FFAV Director expressed.

Tran Khanh

FFAV’s collaborator