Creative fundraising activities

Tran Quoc Toan football club is quite famous in Phong Dien district for their successes in fundraising. These achievements originated from the determination of the headmaster and the joined forces of club members with the final aim to maintain football activities for children.


To ensure the financial sustainability of club, Ms. Le Thi Thuy – head of club management board together with the board members sought different resources to fundraise and diversify the club funding. It started simply by calling for volunteer contribution from club members to the support from Youth Union, Parents association and combined fundraising activities in the club events.


Ms. Le Thi Thuy – Head of club management board shared fundraising experience to other clubs in the fundraising training course organized by FFAV

Whenever the school organized any activity, they also combine it with a fundraising initiatives. For example, when the school organized the cultural exchange night with musical performances. They invited parents from kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, the local authorities and enterprises in the district. They call for the support from the participants at the event and at the end they were able to raise up to VND 50 million dong. That was a big happy surprise for the club and also a great motivation for their endeavor in fundraising.

The club also initiate the “Philanthropy Festival 2016” with football games and fundraising booths selling foods and drinks, souvenirs and integrated games with prizes. The highlight in the festival is that “kindness box” received a lot of donation from students, parents and teachers at school.

Moreover, they also advocate the parents and local authorities to create favorable conditions for the children in the club to play football. Thanks to that, their players are able to play in the district’s artificial pitch.


The “Philanthropy Festival 2016”

Although they still face difficulties in raising funds and mobilizing support from enterprises in the district, Ms. Thuy and club’s members continue to improve their methods to approach enterprises. She shared: “We got some small achievements and the support we were able to achieve so far pushed us to try harder. We see the impact of this football club on our children, so we will try harder to gain more support, especially from the local enterprises to develop this playground”

We wish Tran Quoc Toan the best of luck in their fundraising efforts. Hopefully, they will achieve their targets and inspire the other clubs with their own experience.