Club fundraising – Key to club sustainability

On Friday, Jun. 3, FFAV organised a workshop at the Art Center to celebrate the success in fundraising of 24 of its clubs from various districts of Thua Thien Hue province. The workshop became a warm environment where the members could share experiences in fundraising with each other.

The elements that led to the success of these clubs lie in making the best of their situations and resources with well-organised strategies to fundraise. The methods ranged from fundraising through parents, former students, sponsors and heads of provinces or businesses. All the fundraising and communications were to ensure that the students in the football clubs continue to be offered fun and educational activities.

“As long as the students enjoy playing football, the parents will support the clubs with all their hearts,” claimed Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lua, head of Huong Toan 2 primary school club.


Mr . Nguyen Xuan Lua shared his inspiration with everyone in the workshop

The students’ parents play the key role in sustaining these clubs. With unconditional love for their children, they are always there for the much needed support, be it encouraging the students or fundraising. After all, their happiness as parents is seeing the genuine joy in the eyes of their children as they are offered the chance to develop into more well-rounded individuals through educational activities.

“Every student, every child is offered the opportunity to play football and to take part in games where they learn about life skills,” emphasised Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lua. Even if we cannot continue receiving financial support from FFAV, we will make sure that these meaningful activities are still organised for the children.”

With the motivation that this workshop has ignited in each of us, FFAV is more empowered than ever to continue building the blocks of sustainability for these clubs within the next two years. FFAV will form its core group to assist in club fundraising activities and work at spreading the successful fundraising model and ideals of FFAV.

Translated by Le Phuoc Thuc Nhi