Children’s rights protection in FFAV Cup 2016

In FFAV Cups, children and teenagers’ safety is an utmost priority. Safety is one of the criteria to evaluate the success of FFAV Cup.

By considering these principles as the pre-requisites for football clubs to participate in the event and convincing all event participants, including club members, coaches, referees and volunteers, to read and sign “Child Protection Guidelines for FFAV Cup,” certain optimistic signs were observed in terms of awareness of every Cup participant on ensuring safety for young players.

FFAV arranged medical teams, security teams and supervisory teams to be present at all event matches in order to prevent possible hazards that might harm participating children. Furthermore, contact information of the Child Protection Sub-Committee was listed on Cup brochures provided to all Cup participants so that the sub-committee could be informed quickly if any abuse was observed.

All the behaviors of coaches, teachers in charge, and supporters remained supportive and encouraging without pushing the children toward a competitive attitude. Van, a young player from Lac Son 1 Primary School FFAV Club in Phu Loc District, shared: “My team has lost three matches, but I don’t really feel sad. My teachers always encourage us to play our best in every game without pressure in match result.”


Thua Thien Hue Association for Protection of Children’s Rights is a partner in monitoring the safety for children in FFAV Cup. A project group was established to ensure the safety of the children and youth. Thu Hien, a supervisor of FFAV Cup 2016, shared with us: “I’m very happy to work as a supervisor in this Cup. I can help to guarantee a fair and healthy playground for children to play and have fun.”

Throughout the 2 days, field-trip studies conducted did not show any misconduct that violates the Child Protection Guidelines for FFAV Cup. All event participants, despite holding different positions and roles, behaved and spoke in such a way that the participating children were not wounded physically and emotionally. This resulted in most children wanting to already take part in the FFAV Cup 2017.

Hoang Thi Diem
Translated by Le Thi Hue