Capacity building strategy for grassroots football coaches

To successfully implement the project handover process to local partners but still guarantee the effect of the project in developing grassroots football in Thua Thien Hue province in particular and Vietnam in general, FFAV will focus on building capacity for local partners to help them take over and manage all football activities in their local areas.

Currently, FFAV boasts 184 clubs and more than 17,000 children. As more children want to play football, the quantity and quality of coaches at clubs need to be increased and strengthened. Therefore, one objective that FFAV currently focuses on is to improve capacity for coaches at the clubs.

In 2016, FFAV coordinated with its stakeholders such as T.T.Hue DoET, HFF, Ben Tre DoET, Hai Duong as well as other organizations including UNFPA and UNICEF to organize coach-training courses from basic level to advance.

In training courses, participants are not only equipped with specialized knowledge but also detailed training methods like how to design lesson plans and methods of organizing football activities in clubs, such as football tournaments, children grassroots football schools, and fun football festivals. They will apply what they learn in organizing football activities effectively and attract more children to this playground.

In addition, participants are provided with the knowledge related to the objectives, values and principles of children’s football. In class discussions, they share their advantages, disadvantages and experiences in clubs together.


Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, football coach from  An Tay football club said, “I feel very happy to participate in this coach advanced training course. This is also a good opportunity not only for me but also for other participants to get more knowledge and training methods.” Mr. Phung Van Cho, Sub-DoET in Binh Dai district, Ben Tre said, “The training is a great chance for me, it brings me knowledge and methods to organize football activities and train the children better.”

Moreover, FFAV organizes training courses for teachers and coaches in order to build core instructors in provinces, so later on they will be the human resources in strengthening capacity for their localities. It is appreciated that this is currently a consistent and realistic strategy that will help local authorities take advantage of FFAV’s support in technical skills, as well as experience during nearly 15 years of operation in Vietnam.

Sharing from experiences participants prove the proper strategy of FFAV that focuses on building capacity for coaches at clubs.

Finally, we would like to take the words of Mrs. Truong Thi Bich Thao,  Nguyet Bieu club’s coach as a conclusion for this writing: “All the participants and I would like to thank FFAV project for helping us to enhance our technical skills in organizing football activities. It is really necessary and useful for the handover process. We will try to bring interesting and exciting activities to children at the clubs and the community.”

Quach Hoang Cong

Translated by Dao Thi Phuong