Bonding bussiness’s interests with community activities

Having seen the great potential for brand name development, Laguna Lang Co cooperated with FFAV to organize a Fun Football Festival for over 1000 students of Phu Loc district in Hue province last weekend.


The power of a community playground

Annually, Phu Loc Fun Football Festival is well organized on a large scale with football, life skills activities and art performances. This year, the event took place at Loc Bon Secondary school attracting more than 1000 students, teachers, parents and volunteers from 44 Primary and Secondary schools in Phu Loc district.


Especially, Laguna supported this meaningful day with teabreaks for everyone attending the event. After spending a day watching children happily playing on the pitches and in the life skills tents, Mr. Gavin Herholdt, Executive Director of Laguna shared the unforgettable experiences he had.

“Football is one of the effective tools that helps children develop life skills. It has been proved that when children take part in football activities, not only can they improve their physical conditions but also their social skills such as team work, communication skill and helping one another will be enhanced.

Therefore, football is an excellent way to bring kids together. In addition, there are some more important factors football can contribute to a child’s development namely building trust, playing fair and having fun.” Mr. Gavin Herholdt shared.

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Although, being well aware of the vital role of football in helping shape a person’s human development, there are some passionate donators and supporters who have been finding it hard to find a “link” connecting such activities to having a hand in creating positive change. According to Mr. Gavin, FFAV is the one of those “links”.

“Even though the importance and wide range of football are undeniable, it’s hard to do things on your own. No single person or organization can be able to spread the values to all children. On this occasion, we feel so grateful that we have the chance to work with Phu Loc Sub DoET and Football Association of Norway to organize a big event like this. We hope that through our cooperation, this project will achieve their goals.”


Opportunity to promote their brand

Beside the aim of helping young players, Laguna Lang Co also sees this cooperation as a great chance to advertise their brand.

Laguna is a 4-year company while FFAV has been in Vietnam for a long period of 15 years. Hence, the coverage level of FFAV is not just for 1000 students in today’s event. FFAV’s reputation and prestige is a solid foundation for Laguna Lang Co deciding to work with.

“FFAV has a huge number of activities associated with local schools. This will be the string that bonds us together in the upcoming activities in the future. We really want to continue this work with FFAV to support for schools in the area.”

According to Mr. Gavin, there are many young people seeking the opportunities to work and improve their skills in the Central Area. Recently, we’ve been recruiting 1100 employees and we put the local residents in priority in an attempt of building a promising environment to work with FFAV.


“FFAV is an organization and also is a friend to us. It’s our honor to work with you and we hope this event is just the beginning of our long lasting relationship.” Mr. Gavin concluded.

Tran Khanh – Collaborator of FFAV

Translated by Le Thi Hue