An example of life skills activity

Ever since we arrived at FFAV, we heard a lot about “life skills activities”, which is one of the key aspects of the association’s programme. Football activities seem to be a very efficient way to introduce prevention about important topics for children. Those topics can be about traffic safety, HIV/AIDS prevention, environment protection, high risk education on explosive remnants of war, sanitation or personal hygiene. We were told that those activities were done through games, so that the children are paying full attention and learn in a more efficient way.

But concretely, it was not so easy for us to imagine how that was put in practice during football sessions. We had the opportunity to discover it live last weekend, when we visited some clubs with our valuable colleagues and translators Linh and Michael while it was raining. As the pitches were too slippery, they could not be used for regular football training sessions and therefore, the coaches used the school playground or a shelter to organize life skills activities. We chose to describe you one of them (which took place at the Thuong Nhat Club), to share how prevention can be turned into fun.


Children started putting the words in the right order with the message “when driving, no drinking”

The children were split in 4 lines, representing 2 different teams. Each of them had to stand face to face with another one. Then, they placed a ball between their heads (then their chests, and then their legs on the next rounds) and walked a few meters to grab a sheet of paper in a bowl, with a word written on it. Then they continued their way until they reached a table, where they dropped the paper. Once all the sheets of paper were placed on the table, the whole team ran there and started putting the words in the right order. Once this was done, messages about traffic safety appeared, such as “wear a helmet on motorbikes” or “when driving, no drinking”.

During this activity, we heard a lot of laughs, encouragements and we saw cooperation between the children. They were very curious about the final message. We thought that it was a good example to show how some important topics can be addressed having fun.


We were happy to have the opportunity to witness this nice moment. The rain did not affect the enthusiasm of the participants (neither ours), that is for sure!

Matthieu and Cyndie