A thank-you letter from children in Xuan Phu social Center

On December 25th, 2017, with the sponsors from Football For Hope Program Support and UEFA Foundation for Children, an artificial football pitch for Xuan Phu social center was set to bebuilt to provide Football clubs in social centers and resettlement areas with safe pitches. This also help to boost the grassroots football movement in Hue province to develop more. The total budget for Xuan Phu artificial pitch was 124,920,000 dong. The pitch was completed and available for children on the 25th of January, 2018.


Below is the hand-written letter by Ha Danh Du, a member in Xuan Phu center. In the letter, he expressed his deep gratitude to the sponsors for giving them a dream football pitch, he also illustarted everyone’s happiness when the pitch was completeted. It meant that since then, they would have a safe playground to play football, an interesting and healthy team sport: “We used to have a pitch with concrete floor so every time we felt down, it hurted quite a lot. However, with the passion for football, we played despite the pains. The pitch was done was a dream coming true for us. This is the motivation and inspiration for us to try harder at school.”