A meaningful present of friendship

Having an open and accessible football club in the mountainous area is a huge activity, not only for the children in the school, but also for the local community. And a safe playground that is free from Unexploded Remnant of War where children can access anytime regardless of weather is a dream come true for the children in Binh Dien and the neighboring communes.

On Sunday, the first of October, the first event took place in Binh Dien Primary school to celebrate the inauguration of the mini football pitch. 400 children in the mountainous area had massive fun in the new gravel pitch during a day of fun and football.


Vo Thi Tuyet Minh – student of Binh Dien primary school eagerly shared that “I am so happy that our school has a new football pitch, my school is more beautiful and I can play football in every physical training session. I can’t wait until our team’s turn to play football in the new pitch today”

“Before, the club almost stop football activities during the rainy season because water cannot drain from the school yard and the pitch is very muddy after that. But now, when the rainy season is approaching, we have no worries that it will stop our football activities” said Mr. Huy – coach of the team.


Throughout the Fun Football Festival, the children had great time entertaining with friends in the football matches, different life-skills games and musical exchange. The smiles of children shine the day and delight organizers and participants of the Fun Football Festival.

Once again, on behalf of the children, we would love to say “thank you” to the Norwegian National Football Team for such a meaningful present to the children in the mountainous area. We do hope one day, the team can visit Hue and play a friendly match in this pitch of friendship.


Some captures of this beautiful and meaningful day

1. Representatives from the School, Local authorities, Sub-DoET, NFF/FFAV, Parents association and Children kick-off the first event in the new football pitch.


2. The animated atmosphere in every corner of the school yard.


3. Beautiful kick under the sun.


4. “I am so happy to be part of this event. I feel so proud and lucky that my boy has such an opportunity to play and learn” said Ms. Phan Thi Huong – mom of Do Dinh Quoc Khanh


5. In the mountainous area, there are still some Unexploded Remnants of War, so such a training to raise awareness of children on the dangers of bomb/mine and what to do when they see a dangerous object is of great importance.


6. The fundraising stall is run by parents of the players in the club, all the income generating from the stall will be donated to the football club.


7. Happy happy children everywhere.


Chau Hong Tinh