Clubs in T.T.Hue: 216 - Clubs in other Provinces: 61 - Football teams: 1,891 - Players: 19,797 - Course participants: 5,920

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Football clubs for marginalized groups

One of FFAV’s utmost missions is to create an accessible environment for all children to…


Media Coverage of FFAV Delegation to FIFA Foundation Festival

In June 2018, for the second time, FFAV has another chance to participate in the…


FFAV responds to the AFC’s Grassroots Football Day

AFC sets 15th May as the “AFC Grassroots Football Day” since 2013 and this year…


For a Fun Football Festival

Another Fun Football Festival arrived in Phong Dien district early on the morning of May…


Want to be soccer mom or daddy coach?

Nguyen Ngoc Yen Nhi is FFAV’s volunteer coordinator who is responsible for supporting football clubs…


Goal Event at Phu Mau Club

On the 15th of May 2018, 200 girls in Phu Mau Secondary school had a…


FFAV delegation preparing for the Football for Hope Festival

Only 2 months remain before the departure of FFAV’s delegation to the Football for Hope…


FFAV and Hue Department of Education and Training launched a meeting about introducing Goal program to Primary schools in Hue province

For the purpose of completely introducing Goal program to all primary schools in the 2018-2019…

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